She believed she could so she did...



My journey with my mother began in April 2015 after my mom had been experiencing some problems swallowing, her voice was starting to change and she had some numbness in her hands. After multiple doctor appointments she was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Fl. Where they made the horrific discovery that she had ALS.
We were stunned, shocked, scared and mad! How could this happen to a woman who was always healthy? There is no known cure for ALS and it comes slowly for some, faster for others, and robs the body of nearly all its functions except for the brain so as a patient is suffering, they are very well aware of what is happening to them.
My father dove into researching alternative medicines all over the world from Egypt to China, and I dove into fundraising and created a walk team (Betsy Rocks) in support of the Annual ALS Association of Atlanta. In 2015 we raised over $50,000! Moving into our second year, mom started progressing more rapidly. Eventually she was unable to speak completely and ended up needing a feeding tube. When she lost her voice it was devastating to me. Being an only child, mom was not only my mother but my best friend - who I talked to multiple times a day. Not being able to talk to her was heart wrenching and it still is. For the year of 2016, Team Betsy Rocks came back and raised over $30,000 for the FL & GA ALS Chapters. Mom was determined to walk that year and complete it - She did!

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On February 22, 2017 ALS took my mom, my angel, my hero and best friend. It has been a devastating and heart wrenching time in my life and for all who knew and loved her. As some of the clouds start to subside, I have decided to do something that would keep her wonderful spirit alive. In October 2017 Betsy Rocks Jewelry for a Cause was born! It is my hope that with this jewelry line I can continue to donate money to ALS research and for people living with ALS, and to raise more awareness about this awful disease. 

Over the years she changed in my eyes only from being the best mom in the world, but to the most amazing woman I ever met...
Betsy continues to Rock!

Together we can all make a difference!